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Hi, thank you very much for providing solutions to configuring paypal and other plugins.


1. How do I store cuatomer orders on my site if payment is through Paypal. I have virtuemart 2.0 i stalled

2. Can I customise the customer registration form to capture details.

Hello Username, Thank you for the questions! 1. Virtuemart is a free extension for Joomla! that essentally adds shopping cart functionality. Virtuemart is free and open-source which is great, since it is a fully featured E-commerce option for your website. It is written in PHP, and functions with a mySQL database backend. PAYPAL - is simply a method to process payments. Your orders will be stored within the Virtue mart and you can view them through the Administrator (check out this link for more info: Admin View of a VirtueMart Order). You can also install other modules that will help to make it easier to view orders. 2. Since, you are in Joomla, you can modify the form that the customer sees. Here's an article on the Support Center website that explains working with contact forms. I hope this helps point you in the right direction. Let us know if you require further assistance by leaving a comment. Arnel C.