how to import news from other news sites into my site via feeds module ?

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I am importing news from other news site via feeds module. For image field, i used image grabber module. But sometime it grabs the correct image, sometim unable to grab the image and sometime grabs the incorrect image. Also unwanted contents are coming in the description field like icons or texts or some description about that news site from where it collects the news. Please suggest me. For auto tagging i used opencalais module. i want to import news and store it in their respective content types like for news, news content type, for video video content type, for podcast podcast content type. How this is possible.
Hello rashmi,

When it comes to modules working properly, it can get tricky. For the feature you are looking for, you may want to explore the Drupal forums. I have not found anything so far, but if you start your own discussion there explaining what you are looking to do, there may be several people who can collectively help.

Best Regards,
Scott M