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My bank will only work with PCI compliant shopping carts like: ASecureCart.net, SEO-Cart, or ShopSite.

Can you suggest one that works well on the Wordpress/BoldGrid designed ecommerce site?

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Hi work.jcliu, 

Thank you so much for your question! I reviewed the options you mentioned in your question and ASecureCart.net or ShopSite would be the best choices. Both, it seems, will allow you to add payment buttons or integrate PayPal or BrainTree into your site -- which is important depending on how you're setting up the eCommerce portion of your site. Most WordPress eCommerce solutions require a payment gateway plugin for full integration and I didn't find one for any of the options you presented. 

If you can create buttons for ASecureCart.net or ShopSite, the buttons would work nicely if you only have a few (1-5) products or services, and PayPal would be your best option if you're selling multiple (5+) products as you would not need to take the time to create/update buttons for each and every product.  

However, concerning the actual eCommerce solution for WordPress/BoldGrid, WooCommerce is the best solution for setting up an online store within WordPress. It is a powerful plugin that allows you to easily create and manage your store online. WooCommerce comes with PayPal integration and you can add other payment gateways, like BrainTree, via plugins. Because WooCommerce allows you to integrate PayPal and other payment gateways directly, you may not need to use  ASecureCart.net or ShopSite and simply use PayPal (for example) directly. PayPal is PCI compliant. 

SEO-Cart is a separate eCommerce platform that would require you to set up hosting with them and create your website using their website builder/tool. 

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have additional questions. You can also reach out to our 24/7 live support for assistance. 

Kindest regards,