Can't access submit a support ticket

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Have sent numerous emails to the support@InMotio email address but have not received a reply.

Password won't let me in (had this problem before)- the Lost Password link doesn't work - and the support emails are going unanswered.

Website, which is hosted on your server involves,requires as part of the registration process,an email being sent out to the person's private email address which then allows them to complete the registration process. However many are not receiving that email as it is being spammed out. This effectively means that the website is going nowhere until someone at inmotion looks at the mail server settings.

Can you please arrange for someone to do this as a matter of urgency.
Hello Ian,

I reviewed your account, and per the history of several replies from you in response to the live support team, you are definitely reaching the Support team. The last set of responses from you and the support team are dated February 5. The best way to submit a support ticket is a direct email - exactly as you have previously done. The email address is [email protected].

The PerlDesk ticket option (for submitting service ticket) does not use the same password as your other logins. If you need that reset, you will need to contact live support via phone/chat/email (available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week) as they can have that reset for you.

We need more information in regards to the email issue that you are having. A bounce back message and domain information would be needed if we were to troubleshoot it. In order to keep this issue private, please contact live support and they can handle the issue immediately. Posts completed in this forum are public, so if you're trying to keep it private, then please contact the live support team.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.