Hi I am havind trouble with adding images

  • Answered
I d have my site on worpress and from last night on I cant add images the button seemed no to worg anymore, I reviewed the forums and have tons of people with the same problem but no solutions. Does anyone here know what to do? thanks
Thank you for your question awerlinger! Sorry for the trouble with your WordPress site. We are not finding where you installed your WordPress on your server. The site loads the index.htm but not the WordPress site. There was an issue with WordPress sites breaking because of the jQuery update. Please see the following link on this. Javascript failure due to jQuery update We will need the login credentials and the steps to replicate the problem. Unfortunately, because this is a open forum that people can read online, you will want to contact support either by chat, phone (1-888-321-4678 ext 2), or by email ([email protected]). Please give tech support the exact steps to replicate the problem. Please include any login credentials and/or links we will need to replicate the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. Best Regards, James R