How to integrate phpBB3 with Drupal 7

  • Answered
I downloaded and installed phpBB3 Forum integratin module from this below link
Please explain how to proceed further step by step. Also I downloded "phpBB3 Drupal Bridge for phpBB 3.0.9 / 3.0.10". When I am installing it is getting error. So explain me actual way of doing this task.
Thank you for your question Jsinha!

Sorry for the trouble with the phpBB3 forum not working with your Drupal. Unfortunately, the installation steps in the README.txt that comes with the files are the only steps available. We won't be able to accommodate an article that walks through these steps as they are beyond what we support.

We can, however, look at the error you are getting. After you set it up, what was the error you received. We can try and trace the cause of the error. We would need steps to replicate the problem. Unfortunately, because this is a open forum that people can read online, you will want to contact support either by chat, phone (1-888-321-4678 ext 2), or by email ([email protected]). Please give tech support the exact steps to replicate the problem. Please include any login credentials and/or links we will need to replicate the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
James R