How can I publish to the web?

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In Motion is a hosting co, right? Why can't I get My site on the web? All the bells and horns and misdirected links. Ho. all my files are on line, NO web site.
So, what is it InMotion wants, more control, more money. I purchased FrontPage in 2002, I ask Microsoft for Help I get it. After all these years. Now that's customer service. All I wont is my web site to go up on line.
Donald Mantell
Hello Donald, and thanks for your question. Sorry to hear that you're having some troubles getting your website online with us. It's important to note that Microsoft no longer officially supports FrontPage as it's over a decade old now. It's been deprecated in favor of their newer Expression Web program. You can read a bit more about this from Microsoft's own site about Prerequisites for Using Microsoft Expression Web. Here is an excerpt from their site that explains this: "Can I use FrontPage Server Extensions and still get point-and-click design elements without learning new design technologies? The FrontPage Server Extensions are considered deprecated technology and are being phased out of Microsoft products in favor of modern standards. Designers who use FrontPage Server Extensions components are likely to encounter problems with modern Web browsers. Many hosting companies are also dropping support for FrontPage Server Extensions due to the fact that Microsoft hasn’t released a new version in many years. Expression Web users who are using FrontPage Server Extensions for authoring Web sites by connecting to servers using HTTP should adopt modern technologies such as FTP (including SFTP and FTPS), WebDAV, or by using disk-based sites." Now our servers do still support FrontPage Extensions, but unfortunately outside of our control they aren't always very reliable anymore these days. So we would definitely recommend as Microsoft recommends to start transitioning to using standard modern technologies like FTP in order to upload your site to our servers. Now that aside, it does look like you were able to successfully get your files uploaded to the server. It seems the only problem you're currently having is that when you visit your site it shows a directory listing of your files instead of your website. This is because you don't have a standard index file that the server knows about. The default DirectoryIndex pages on the server are as follows:

index.htm index.html index.shtml index.php default.htm default.html home.htm Default.html Default.htm home.html

If the server doesn't detect one of these files in your /public_html/ directory, then it just displays a directory listing because it doesn't understand which file should be loaded as the Index page without one specified directly at the end of the URL. Now if you saw that directory listing and clicked on your index bestway.htm file, you should have noticed that your website displays. I have gone ahead for you and added this file as a DirectoryIndex page for you in your .htaccess file. If you needed to do this again in the future, or wanted to see how I accomplished this you can follow our guide on how to change your default Index page in .htaccess. Also just as a recommendation to avoid possible future issues, I'd recommend not using spaces in either your filenames or folders. Because you're on a Linux server this is interpreted different than Windows, and typically underscores _ or dashes - are preferred. Hope this information was helpful to you. I know it can be a frustrating experience when first trying to get your website online. So if you do run into any further issues please let us know! - Jacob