How do I upgrade MySQL to MySLQi?

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Our domain has recently been redesigned and has been in working order on a development server. After transferring the files and setting up the database many extensions are giving an error that the MySQL is required to be upgraded to MySQLi. After searching Google in reference to this problem on InMotion Hosting servers there was a response by your team in a thread (seen below) to contact support to have the website moved to an appropriate server. Please let us know how we can proceed and what other information you need in order to enable this function.

The website is running Joomla 2.5
Hello TheBottomFW,

The server on which your site is located does indeed have MySQLi installed on it. If you are having trouble with that, you may want to contact our live support at either 888-321-4678 x2 or 757-416-6575 x2 or the Live Chat system (activated by the chat icon in the upper right corner of the screen) so they can assist you with any configuration issues you may be having.

Best Regards,
Scott M