Exporting Abk-soft (Able space) database

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I am changing from Abk-soft to PHPfox and
I need all my users to still be able to login to their accounts using the same login details...
Apparently importing data from phpFox server as mentioned on Abk-soft (able space) is very straight forward, hence it should be a straight forward transfer for you guys. Please see below the information i found, would this be of any help..?

>>> Importing phpFox Databases

Importing a phpFox Database is much easier than a Dolphin one because you do not have to upload anything to your hosting server. All database info can be uploaded automatically from your local machine. Note that these databases have to be exported from phpFox first, please refer to the phpFox Dating Script Documentation or Support Service.

There are five databases that need to be uploaded along with their tables, these are:

Users – the dating script member profile database,
Gallery – the photo/video/audio galleries for each user,
Blogs – the blogs content database,
Mail – mail or personal messages (PM) database,
Groups – groups configuration and content database,
Events – events database.

To start uploading a database click the Upload Base link next to the database that you want to upload. Select the file on your local machine (PC) by clicking the Browse button or entering the full file path, and click the Upload button. The database will be uploaded to the AbleDating Dating Software or AbleSpace Community Script hosting server.

It is important to make sure that each database (listed above) contains the following necessary tables for the database rebuild process to run smoothly:

Database - Table(s):
Users – user;
Gallery – main;
Blogs – journal, comment;
Mail – mail;
Groups – group_name, group_main, group_gallery, group_member, group_forum;
Events – events, event_invite.
Hello sam,

I am unfamiliar with the databases you are referencing. It may help if I could take a look inside your account, but I am unable to find an account under your name with us.

If you do have one, please feel free to provide the primary domain name so we can take a look for you.

Best Regards,
Scott M