Setting A record without cPanel Access

  • Answered
I registered a domain with InMotion and my host is asking me to set the A record to point to a specific IP address. I found the tutorial on doing this through the cPanel, but I have no cPanel access through the manage domain portal. How can I set the A record appropriately to point to my host?

Thanks in advance,
Hi Joel, I can see you came into our live chat and got some assistance with your question, but I just wanted to post an answer here just in case someone else finds this question. How do I update an A Record? If you have cPanel access, you can find more information here on how to work with your DNS records. If you don't have cPanel access, there unfortunately is not another tool you can use to manage your DNS. If you registered a domain name with InMotion Hosting and needed to update the DNS, you would need to point your domain to third party DNS, and then use that provider to make DNS changes (such as A or MX record changes). Thanks, - Brad