Why was tech support chat session terminated today?

  • Answered
What's going on at InMotion? My support chat session was abruptly terminated. Techie said they were having a rash of problems. My site was hacked yesterday and I couldn't get help from tech support - they were too busy. What's going on - was the server hacked again?
Hello Loonatickman, Your chat was not terminated. Notes per the tech say that it was dropped due to a connection loss. There are no security issues noted at this time - you had asked this in a previous question and the answer remains the same. We are busy, but we are not too busy to help our customers when we can. Per the notes on the system, your account password was compromised - not hacked. This may occur due to weak passwords or passwords that have not been cycled. Your particular case was from one of these where they acquired an FTP password. You will need to either restore a backup of your site or re-publish your website from an un-compromised copy. We highly suggest the following link to help with security of your site. Steps to take after a hack; Though this issue was not a hack, the security steps taken are the same. Apologies for the issues, but in this case this is not a hack that we can simply remove from your code, this was your password being compromised and this cannot be resolved in any technical support. Best Regards, Arnel C.