Why do JS drop down menus not show on inmotion hosting server?

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I've tested on another server and all was well. I transfered the files over to the InMotion server and the menus do not show. I have not pointed the domain name so I'm previewing it by ip currently before pointing dns and going live.

Is there a php conflict with hosting or something I'm unaware of?

Test site where menus work:

InMotion hosting site being tested:
Hello Skycade,

I looked at your site and it doesn't appear to be a conflict with anything running on the server. When we checked the error logs, this is what we are seeing:

Timestamp: 8/2/2012 5:01:08 PM
Error: SyntaxError: missing ; before statement
Source File:
Line: 1, Column: 5436
Source Code:
/** * mm_menu 20MAR2002 Version 6.0 * Andy Finnell, March 2002 * Copyright (c) 2000-2002 Macromedia, Inc. * * based on menu.js * by gary smith, July 1997 * Copyright (c) 1997-1999 Netscape Communications Corp. * * Netscape


I didn't paste in ALL of the code as it's huge. You're going to have find out about the module, it may not be present on the server or some other reference for is incorrect because server paths/locations may be different. You can find more information on this error by going into the browser and looking at the error console (I did this on Firefox).

We do not provide coding support here to fix, so my apologies on not having an immediate answer for you. You will need to check with the author of the Javascript being used, or the website that has been transferred.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.