why don't all my pictures display on my web page?

  • Answered
I see in my cpanel that some of the image files are type image/x-generic and those seem to be the ones that display correctly. The others are type text/x-generic and they seem to be all the ones that do not show. How can I change the type to make ALL the pictures display?
Hello Tarissa,

The majority of web servers out there are of the Linux variety. Unlike Windows servers, they are very case sensitive. The images that were not showing were named with a .JPG extension. I have changed them all to a .jpg extension and they are now showing.

There is one image not showing, but I checked and did not see a file with that name in the images folder. It may simply need to be re-uploaded.

I did notice one other thing. The images you have displaying are all very large images that have been shrunk down to the size on the page. This can hurt the speed of the site, especially for those without high speed internet or on mobile devices. You may want to re-save the images in the smaller size and have those display on the site to speed up the load time.

Best Regards,
Scott M