email not working after installing WordPress beginner site

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<p>I set up my email this morning and it worked just fine then i installed Wordpress and got a beginner site up and now the email&nbsp; doesn't work. Any idea why?</p>

Hello Craig, I'm sorry you're having trouble using your new email account. Installing WordPress wouldn't affect your email account. Are you seeing any errors when trying to send or receive emails? Are you using an email client or webmail? While checking into this for you, I noticed a few things that could be affect your email:
  1. Your domain was pointed to our Nameservers today. DNS changes such as changing your Nameservers can take 4-24 hours to fully propagate and everything on the domain (including email) to work as expected.
  2. I noticed two emails were sent to an email address on your domain but were rejected because the sender's IP is in an RBL (Realtime Blackhole List) with Spamhaus. While we do not manage the lists at Spamhaus, we use that service to protect our servers. If the issue is regarding those emails, please let the sender know they will want to check the URL provided in the bounce back they would have received for additional details. They will also want to contact their ISP (Internet Service Provider) to request a different IP or for assistance in having that IP removed from the RBL.
Once 4-24 hours has passed and DNS has propagated, if you experience any issues with sending or receiving email, please feel free to contact us. Our Support Team is available 24/7 through Live Chat, Email, or Phone. When contacting us, please provide as many details as possible regarding the issue you are experiencing (steps to recreate, specific errors received, are you using an email client or webmail, etc.). Regards, Christi N.