Pointing a subdomain to my inmotionhosting package

  • Answered
I have a domain registered with an alternative registrar and do not plan to move it. The domain is iod.je

We do not want to move the domain to your name servers but we want to point a subdomain debate.iod.je to the inmotionhosting package that we have.

Please can you instruct me how we can do this.

Thank you
Hi stuartiphilip, There are just a few steps needed to set up your subdomain and host it here.
  1. Create the subdomain debate.iod.je in your cPanel here.
  2. Contact the host of iod.je (not necessarily the same as your registrar) and ask them to create the same subdomain (debate.iod.je)
  3. Also ask your host to point the A record for that subdomain to the shared IP of the server here. You can view that IP by logging into your cPanel and viewing the stats on the left side of the cPanel home page.
Once those changes are made, please allow 4-24 hours for DNS to propagate and the subdomain to be fully functional. If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Regards, Christi N.