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I'd be grateful to get some guidance as I am new to the web hosting service/ website development areas.

This is what I would like to do - Using Wordpress with a Genesis child theme, create 2 websites hosted by Inmotion. Three of my domain names will be used to access one of the websites and one domain will be used to access the other.

This is what I have done sofar:

1. Registered with Inmotion hosing on the powerplan and completed a domain name server change with my Australian domain registry to point to the inmotion name server.
2. Registered a new domain name with Inmotion called
3.Completed a Domain Name Server change on my Australian domain registry ( to point, and to the Inmotion name server.
4.Downloaded wordpress and purchased a genesis child theme to construct my websites.


1.I want to start building my website. What is the best way to install Wordpress?

2. I want to start building my website which is also to be accessed through and How should I install Wordpress and how do I link all the required domains to this website.

3. As mentioned above I have completed domain name server changes with to point and to the Inmotion name servers. Should these domains now appear under my account with Inmotion - I can't see any evidence that this went through apart from with my Australian domain registry -

Thank you very much, your assistance will be appreciated.

Tim S.
Hi ROGERS, Thanks for posting your questions. I'm more than happy to assist you today. Just changing the nameservers is not enough to actually add your domain(s) to your account. Think of nameservers as a road map. They simply tell the web visitor's browser where the server that houses the domain is. You'll need to add them as a parked or add-on domains. So, here's a link to one of our pages explaining the difference between add-on and parked domains: Parked versus Add-on Domains The three domains that point to one site should be set up as your primary domain and then parked domains. This will ensure that all three websites display the same thing. Keep in mind, you cannot customize parked domains- they display the exact same website as the primary domain. As for the other website, that would be an add-on domain. Add-on domains are completely separate websites from the primary and parked domains. The best way to install WordPress is to use Fantastico de Luxe in your cPanel. Fantastico is like a one stop shop to install different types of software on a domain including WordPress. Here's a link to our guide on Fantastico and installing WordPress: Installing WordPress using Fantastico I hope this answers your questions. If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks! Tim S