Why won't my website load?

  • Answered
for the past two days now my site has been very slow in loading.

and thats if it loads at all.

most times i get cannot display message.

i use a wordpress platform, so when i do get logged in to my dashboard, it is very slow in moving between the pages.

and very regularly i get the error message of pge cannot be displayed.

can anyone help?
Tim S.
Hi tim_penny_28, Thanks for posting your question. I'm sorry you're having connectivity issues. I'm more than happy to help you today. I've checked your main domain on your account and the website loads without delay for me. I've also looked at the server you're on, and there's been no known issues. At this point, we're going to ask you to run a pipng/trace route test to see if there's a connection issue between your computer and the server. Here's the instructions on how to do that: How to run a Ping/ Trace Test Once you have the results, you can email them to [email protected]. Then notify me by posting a comment here and I'll review the results. If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thanks! Tim S