Why does live chat log me out of AMP?

  • Answered
When I login to the AMP an click on "Need Help?" a new window opens where I am logged out again.

So in short, chatting with Live Support using the "Need Help?" and being logged in seems impossible.

Only way to reach the Chat is: Being logged out and click on "Live Chat!"


Ps. The issue started a few weeks ago.
Tim S.
Hi OutOfSync,

Thanks for posting your question. I'm more than happy to assist you. Our "Live Chat" operates independently from AMP, and therefore the credentials used for AMP are not used in chat. When you click on the link to chat, you are creating a new chat session.

Since the two systems are unrelated, they do not communicate with each other. I hope this helps!

If you need further assistance please feel free contact us.


Tim S