How do I change my mediawiki url / path?

  • Answered
I ported an existing MediaWiki site to inmotion and got it working on the temporary URL.

Now I have the real site up and running, it works ok but the URLs are:

Anyone know what to edit (LocalSettings.php?) to get my user name out of the URL. It works but its a bit ugly.
Hi axlesoft, To remove your cPanel username from your mediawiki url, you'll need to update the $wgScriptPath setting in your LocalSettings.php file. I took a quick look at your LocalSettings.php file, and I saw that you had this setting in place:
$wgScriptPath = "/~userxx/wiki";
After updating this to:
$wgScriptPath = "/wiki";
... the issue with the username in the url has been resolved. I hope that helps! Thanks, - Brad