mySQL database size getting large

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Is it possible to have too large of a mySQL database. I have a website with 120 pages. The mySQL database is 5853.01 MB. Is this too large? If it is too large how would I reduce it?
I have redesigned the site a few times over the years and there may be junk in the database. I am unsure how to cleanup a database. Guidance and best practice is appreciated.
Thank you,
Hello rick85251,

Thanks for submitting a question about reducting the size of your database. 6 MB is a decent size, but it's always best to only have what you need.

If you're using a WordPress site, I'd advise deleting any plugins you're not using. Higher quality plugins will have functions that delete any tables they created in the database upon deletion of the plugin. It's a not a guarantee, but it's something you can try.

You can always contact a developer to go through your database and make sure there's nothing unwanted in there. However, if the site is functioning normally then you may want to avoid tampering with the database. You can also create a new database and migrate over only the content you need and then re-link your site to that new database. But if your site is functioning normally, you may be all right to wait.

Christopher M.