hosting security and technical details

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We are bidding on a proposal where the client will be hosted on our VPS-1000 server account provided by you. Do you have any documents that can provide information on the following?
• Website hosting security and technical details
• Description of the physical, procedural, and virtual safe guards you have in place to ensure the website and hosted data against corruption, loss, theft, vandalism, and unplanned outages
Hello Karen, Thank you for your question about host security details. Unfortunately, security details for any hosting service aren't going to be provided in order to maintain the security on the servers. Information that we can provide on security includes: All of our VPS Hosting servers are managed and include operating system and cPanel/WHM updates and patches. In addition, we have multiple SSL offerings available for encryption, PCI compliance and domain validation, as well as an advanced and configurable firewall and DDoS Attack Protection to keep your information protected. For further detail on network security, you can see this article which describes the Corero Network Security Smartwall Threat Defense Solution to prevent DDoS attacks. The VPS Hosting page ( also provides a general description of what's provided with the VPS Hosting service. Providing specific security details of network and server security is not something we can provide in the Support Center website where answers are provided to the public. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.