Ending Things with Bluehost

  • Answered
Hi I have recently pointed my domain names to your servers as Bluehost de-activated my website due to malware issues. I am building new websites and wanted to check that I should now not renew the hosting agreement with Bluehost? Also they auto renew a Sitelock product on Bluehost for the website they de-activated. I don't see how I need that so will it screw things up if I cancel those things with bluehost.

Marion D
Hello Marion,

Thank you for your question about ending Bluehost service. Regarding deactivating the account, it depends on how close you are to renewal. You will want to give yourself adequate time to transfer your sites and avoid down time.

I have no advice as far as their Sitelock product, however. You will need to determine the best course of action as far as what services are billable by Bluehost and what you are willing to pay for.

Christopher M.