Dokuwiki: Internal Linked Images not displaying unless logged in

  • Answered
I have searched the Forums and elsewhere for an answer... I'll keep researching but hoping that someone has run into this before...

I am using the latest download version of the “Closed” DokuWiki. I am building a Knowledgebase of forms and processes. I created a Start page and Menu page for ALL users to view, anything beyond that requires a login.

As admin, I can see all images and have access to all links. Click the link, the forms displays perfectly. (So no issue with capital letters or spaces).

However, when I login as a User, I can access all of the pages and see all of the text, but when I click on a link, the same Form as admin, instead of the form displaying in a new page, a new page is displayed with the word “Forbidden”.

So, I'm fairly sure it's an ACL issue. For example, I have the page “Office Administration” available to all Users. Do I need to somehow create a namespace or new page for all of the links, then give permission again? I was hoping that by making the page accessible to all users, this would also allow them the click on all of the links on that page as well??

How do I make the links accessible to all users? Image links are displayed to admin only. Not even registered users can view the images... text is fine... images show as broken links.

Appreciate any help you can offer! I have only been using Dokuwiki for a couple of weeks but I am very happy with the results for far!
Hello, Sorry for the issue with Dokuwiki. Forbidden errors are typically permissions issues. As we do not have direct access to make changes on the server, then you may want to try contacting our live technical support team to check on the permissions. You can also reference this Dokuwiki support article that may provide you more information. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.