Cpanel not showing new SQL database correctly

  • Answered
I created a new MySQL database. Then I exported the data from my old database and imported it into the new one. When I go to Cpanel it shows the new database as 0K. But if I look at the database in phpMyAdmin I can see that the data was imported correctly into the new database. Also, cPanel is not showing the new user I setup with all privileges on the new MySQL database. I want to use this new database but am not sure if it's setup correctly due to the issues in cPanel.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your database in the cPanel. In looking at the database for the site, I can see that the database has a user that has the correct privileges. I also see they are listed in the configuration file with that user.

The site is showing correctly as well, indicating the user for the database is connecting properly. Are you still having issues or were you able to correct the issue?

Kindest Regards,
Scott M