Fresh Drupal Install - The website encountered an unexpected error.

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Okay, since support were completely useless (even asking me for what version I'm on later in the chat despite being the first thing I don't them, good stuff), maybe someone else has had a similar issue...

Fresh install of Drupal 8.3.1
PHP 5.5 (though I tried 7)

Most things seem to work, until I go to the site settings URL (/admin/config/system/site-information)

The detailed error:
InvalidArgumentException: Source path has to start with a slash. in Drupal\Core\Path\AliasManager->getAliasByPath() (line 186 of /home/petch/public_html/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Path/AliasManager.php).

The immediate thing I notice is that the path paraeter has backslashes, but the function is checking for forward slashes. Is inmotion's installation script trying to target a windows machine or something?


Sorry for the issues with your installation of Drupal 8.3.1. I checked the installation script provided by Softaculous (these scripts aren't written by InMotion) - which is an installation application for many programs - and it worked without any errors for me. I was able to go to the site without any issues. I was also able to click on Administration>Configuration>System with no errors. I also created this test site on your account. You can see it in Softaculous under installations. I'll email you the user name and password.

If you wish for us to investigate further, then please provide a detail description of the settings you're using so that we can duplicate the issue. Apologies again for the installation problem. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.