I need serious MAMP help!

  • Answered
Hello there,

I have previously installed MAMP on my mac and wordpress was working perfectly fine and i was happily designing my website. 2 days back the mysql server went down and turned my life upside down as i had no experience in all this.

Now it is working, i figured it out a bet late after reinstalling the MAMP and wordpress all over again!

now my question is how do i get to my website dashboard again.

I have created a new folder on my desktop and activated the mamp but myphp admin button is not working on MAMP website.

What to do?? please help me.
Hello dusanosuits, Thank you for your question regarding issues connecting to a database in MAMP. Unfortunately, it is difficult to troubleshoot issues with your local server environment setup, since we cannot verify how it is set up and configured. If you have an issue connecting to our servers we are happy to check that the services are functional. Here is a helpful link to the official MAMP forum. This is a good resource for you since it is frequented by experienced MAMP users. Thank you, John-Paul