No Data in "Email Delivery Reports"/"View Sent Summary"

  • Answered
Hey there, I'm attempting to view the email data reports for any failed delivery of messages or to make sure messages are going through but there is no data showing for "View Sent Summary" or "Mail Delivery Reports". Can you assist me with troubleshooting why this is showing absolutely no data at all? It's a new server, so I need to verify emails are going through as soon as possible. Please let me know if there's something I can do or if you can fix something that's wrong with the reports, please & thank you!
Hello levelupweb, Thank you for your question regarding no data displaying in the email delivery reports. Since this log can take up a lot of space quickly, it is disabled by default. On VPS and Dedicated servers you can enable it in WHM with root access by clicking Service Manager, then enabling "Eximstats". If you are on a Shared/Business or Reseller server you will have to contact Live Support to request the logs. Also, keep in mind an email that fails to deliver will return or bounce back. Thank you, John-Paul