Child theme: main menu appears horizontally + a few CSS questions

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Hello everyone

After I installed the Boldgrid Monument theme on my site ( and I immediately made a child theme following instrux given by InMotion support:

Then I began populating the site with content etc.

BUT when the child theme is active, the primary menu appears _horizontally_ where as it is nice and vertical with the main theme active - any idea why this happens?

Also, I would very much appreciate some pointers to do the following.

- Adjust the left margin or padding of the primary menu so it appears underneath the site logo
- Change the background of the menu and the email/phone box to white
- Place the email/phone info under the Flickr and LinkedIn icons (which is where I’d like to have this info)
- Make the large square image as well as the special thanks link on the front page fit within the browser window and not spill over at the bottom.

Thank you very much in advance for any help you may be able to give me

Hello Philip, Thank you for your question regarding your menu appearing horizontally. I checked your site, and the custom coding you added to your child theme is taking precedence over the actual BoldGrid Theme causing it to display this way. When you create a child theme, it allows you to custom-code/develop CSS. This essentially overrides the BoldGrid theme with your own code. While this is definitely possible, we cannot provide custom coding solutions. This is because coding can vary based on the developer. There is a very helpful BoldGrid Documentation section that provides specific detail on BoldGrid Theme requirements, and configuration. This information will primarily be useful for a developer or designer, as it assumes familiarity with HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. If you are not comfortable coding the CSS by hand, we recommend updating the look and feel of your page within BoldGrid using the Customizer. Using the Customizer tool you will modify your theme to fit your needs. Here you can change visual elements such as background images, colors and fonts. You will also be able to manage your site’s menu content and location as well as links to your social media accounts. Thank you, John-Paul