View site before going public

  • Answered
I've uploaded the site - how do I view it before making it live? I need to test out features before going public.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding viewing your site before going public. If you are using BoldGrid, you can build a Staging Site. Then, when you are ready to go live you can deploy your BoldGrid site. If you just want your site to be blocked publicly, you can password protect your public_html folder (or whatever folder stores your site). This stops the website from being accessible to the public, unless they have the username and password. You can view the files located on your server with the "Temporary URL." Some sites may not display correctly over this address, based on how they are setup. In this case I recommend testing with a hosts file modification. This is also recommended if you have not pointed your DNS to InMotion yet. Thank you, John-Paul