Suddenly all pages not found

  • Answered
as you see the website www.*************.com, the first page is showing up the ip address and other pages are showing 404 error.
even i made a sinple hello world html by name index.html to see if its the wordpress problem or not, and still it deosn't show anything
mey you please explain the problem for me and tell me how we can fix it?
quick answer will be appreciated
the works good. but other addresses not found.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding missing pages and 404 errors. When I test your site, I am getting a default server page. This typically means your site is pointed to the wrong IP address. Since it seems your DNS is hosted elsewhere, I recommend checking your IP address in cPanel (you may have a dedicated IP instead of shared). Then, verifying your 'A record' is successfully pointed to that IP. Thank you, John-Paul