How do I block Bots

  • Answered
I am getting a lot of hits from other countries that show up in Wordfence Live View. They always visit the Login. php twice, then xmlrpc.php once. Wordfence can't tell me any information other than an IP address that constantly changes. Is there any way at all to block these (this) bot(s) in .htaccess or other file?
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding blocking bots. You can set a guideline for bots to follow using a robots.txt file. But, this does not block them. You can actually Block unwanted users from your site using .htaccess. There are several methods covered in that guide that may help you block the traffic you are getting. Another option is to block a specific country from accessing your site, if you know you are not getting any valid traffic from the region. Thank you, John-Paul