ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED after added an add-on domain, and installed WP

  • Answered
I added one add-on domain ( in the Cpanel (I'm hosting it with InMotion) , updated the DNS and installed WP. In the very first 30mins, everything worked well and I could see there was WP dashboard and I tried to logout and login and it went well. But suddenly the dashboard cannot be reached anymore and the website is gone. Instead, the Chrone browser always showed the following: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED Can anyone help solve this problem? Thank you~
Hello Jiachen, Thank you for your question about name resolution errors in WordPress. This is likely a DNS issue. I advise checking your domain configuation. Make sure the domain is pointing to our servers. In addition to name servers, make sure to check any other applicable DNS records such as "A" records. I suggest contacting our Live Support if you have trouble with the above. Best, Christopher M.