Help in website transfer and a new wordpress site

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Hi, Im a new user with Inmotion (Also have very limited understanding of web hosting & web designing). I have just requested a domain transfer from my old host to Inmotion which might take a week to complete. I have an existing website with the old host and i will move it to Inmotion once my domain transfer is complete. Now in the mean time, i would like to re-design my existing website and once done, will host it as the primary website with Inmotion. Part of the solution i thought was to design a new wordpress site in Inmotion temporarily and but not sure how to do it.
Can i create a subdomain before my primary domain is transferred from my old host?
Or Is there any other way to temporarily create a website without any domains in Inmotion?
Could you please provide me a detailed solution for this
Thanks a lot
Hello Ranjith, Thank you for your question regarding designing a WordPress website temporarily with a subdomain. Yes, you can create a subdomain, install WordPress, and test using it in the meantime. If you want to block access to the site you can password protect the subdomain's folder. Be sure to also create the subdomain with your current registrar, and point it to your shared IP address. If you are not able to do that, you can always test/design the subdomain with a host file modification. If you have trouble with any of these steps, Live Support can help walk you through. Thank you, John-Paul