Can not access subdomain

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I created a subdomain a few days ago, and can not access it using a browser. I figured that it should be propagated by now. The subdomain is photos.**** I have searched the forums for the last 3 hours but could not find any workable answer.

What is happening is when I try photos.**** I get a DNS error, if I try **** I get a 404 "The page you requested was removed." error. I can ping **** with no problems, but get a IP address cannot be resolved error and if I try to ping photos.**** is says could not find host. However, if I access it with File Manager through cPanel or with my FTP program (FTP Commander) I can access the folders with no issues.
What I am trying to do: The URL **** redirects to our high school reunion site at I want to host the class reunion photos here at **** because the other site doesn't have the greatest photo display options and limited storage space. I created the subdomain for that purpose. Could the redirect be causing the issue? I am rather new to how subdomains actually work and setting them up, so I am unsure what the issue could be, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
Hello Mike, Thank you for your question regarding issues contacting a subdomain. I looked at the WHOIS record for your domain, it has the following nameservers: Name Server: NS2.800HOSTING.COM Name Server: NS1.800HOSTING.COM This means your DNS is hosted there and you must create the 'a record' for the subdomain there, as well as in your cPanel (which you have already done). You can point the 'a record' to your shared IP address. Thank you, John-Paul