Theme colour differences with Mac, iPad and iPhone (nasty dilemma)

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Hi fellow tweakers and coders. I've just about got my Country Sunset 55354 theme how I want it. I will begin populating the site with content very soon. However, when I view on my iPad and iPhone after getting it how I want it to look on my Mac, there is a difference in the colour of the Front Page text; "Welcome, to our Farm" and I don't understand this. On my computer I have tweaked the following code Welcome to our farm! This method works very nicely. Even before changing the colour to my preferred hex value, the default #000 showed on my Mac but, on my two mobile devices this same text appeared #8c6239 (muddy colour) which disappears against the background image I am using. Can anyone suggest a method of finding the "element" to inspect on the mobile devices so I know what to edit? Or, perhaps another method to get around this problem. All responses will be greatly appreciated. All the best, Ma
Hello Mal,

Sorry for the problems with the background color differences on your Apple devices. I tried to look myself, but the domain is not available to the public. I had to make a host file mod on my PC to even look at the new WordPress site under your account. I could not view it on a Mac, iPhone or iPad (which I have). The colors should not be changing from one device to another. When you point the domain to our host I can check on the iPad or iPhone. Provide us a different way to access your site and we can investigate the issue further.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.