Would you be open to adding "Let’s Encrypt" cPanel extension?

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It would allow for adding free SSL certificates to sites.

I know that you guys offer a paid SSL product. But the trend is definitely towards the free SSL offerings from Google (one of the companies behind Let's Encrypt). This would definitely be a huge selling point for your hosting offering.

Step by step installation: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/free-ssl-https-cpanel/

Don't need a quick answer. I hope you guys can give it thought, do some research, etc. Would love to see it happen.

I really love all that you do at InMotion Hosting but I really am disappointed that you would defend the idea that you will not be adding the Let's Encrypt cPanel extension. I don't care what reasons there are for and against but it does bother me that you are so great at customer service that you would draw the line here and tell the customers that you're not going to listen on this one.
No, our charge to install an SSL is one time $25 charge. Any yearly updates are installed for free. Plus, cPanel also has a tool where you can install an SSL onto your account. There is no charge for that.
Hello alex.rothschild1, Thank you for your question regarding let's encrypt. You can already install Let's encrypt on our VPS, and Dedicated servers. At this time there are no immediate plans to add this to our Shared/Business server environments. But, keep in mind there are many free ssl providers (such as startssl) available if you wanted to install a 3rd party SSL on a Shared server. This is beneficial too since they provide a year long SSL (365 days) as opposed to the 90 day SSL's provided by Let's Encrypt. Also, be aware of some of the security mistakes made by the let's encrypt team earlier this year. Read the whole article here: Let’s Encrypt accidentally shares user email addresses. Thank you, John-Paul