Moodle 3.1 LDAP Redirect Error

  • Answered
Hi. We upgraded our college Moodle to 3.1. We run a Windows AD network and users (students) are imported automatically via LDAP enrolments. When logging into the VLE, an error appears:

"Notice: Undefined index: info in /var/www/html/enrol/ldap/lib.php on line 196
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This page should automatically redirect. If nothing is happening please use the continue link below.
Error output, so disabling automatic redirect."

If you press continue manually, it takes you to the home page and you're logged in successfully. What is going on here?


Thank you for question about and LDAP redirect error. I advise checking any system logs you have access to and double-checking your PHP Configuration. We have documentation on how to do that with our hosting packages, but we cannot extrapolate what might be happening in a local hosting environment or on a Windows network.


Christopher M.