No such user here for addon email account

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Hi - I have made attached a couple of addon domains and created mail accounts for these domains. However, I'm unable to send or receive any mails related to outside domains.

Any help would be appreciated..



Hello Svend, Sorry to hear that you are having problems sending or receiving email with your addon domains. In order for us to assist you, we would need a little more information regarding the domains that have been added. If you can please provide more information concerning the domain names and error messages from the bounce-back emails then we can pinpoint the issue. Keep in mind that if you're using domains that are not pointed to our servers, then the settings in the cPanel for the Mail server (MX settings or Mx entry) should be set to remote. Though, this would mean that email is handled elsewhere. If you want to use InMotion to manage email, then you will need to point the MX server settings to our DNS. You could also point the name servers to our hosting servers- which is much simpler. If the domains were only recently registered, then you need to allow for some domain propagation to complete. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.