After InMotion migration of WP site

  • Answered
Ticket 2912700. Purchased new hosting from InMotion. Domain and WP site still at old site. Changed name servers at old site to point to InMotion name servers. Domain resolved successfully to default vanilla WP site at InMotion. Requested InMotion to transfer WP site. They did something. Files appear to have been moved. However domain name now resolves back to old site and no one can tell me how to get into the WP admin panel at InMotion. I have opened 3 chats about this problem and have been referred here.
Hello Nholmquist,

Sorry for the problems with logging into the WordPress Administrator at the IMH server. I looked at it, and had the re-direct commented out of the .htaccess file in the HOME folder of your website files. Once this was done, the WordPress comes up. You should be able to login to the administrator now. Bear in mind that it is using the temporary URL at the moment, not your primary domain name.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.