IP Canonicalization - SEO error

  • Answered
I did an onpage.org crawl on my website to optimize the SEO and I received this error.

IP Canonicalization If the IP ( of this domain gets called, it should redirect to the real homepage of this domain. Not redirecting requests on the IP can cause Duplicate Content issues.
Status Code: 200

My website is www.advancedhearingslo.com and was created using wordpress, I am using the Divi theme.
When I enter the IP into the browser ( I am sent to my temporary URL - biz197.inmotionhosting.com

I have read that I could possibly alter the .htaccess file, but before I try that I was wondering if there was another way to fix this error. I am learning how to use wordpress and I don't want to do something that will break my website. I thought I would ask for some assistance. - Thanks for your time and effort.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding an SEO error due to your IP address. When I navigate to the IP address you provided, it displays a default server page. This is because your site is using a shared IP address, on a shared server environment. You can request a Dedicated IP address from AMP if necessary. This would allow you to have an IP that is specific to your site. Keep in mind the SEO value of this is questionable since many websites are hosted on shared server environments, and share an IP address. Thank you, John-Paul