Cant connect to ftp

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Status: Resolving address of
Status: Connection attempt failed with "EAI_AGAIN - Temporary failure in name resolution".
Error: Could not connect to serve
also cant connect by adobe muse
FTP server not found
Help please
in windows 10
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your FTP connection. The error message 'EAI_AGAIN - Temporary failure in name resolution' indicates that there is an issue with the domain's DNS. If this is an addon domain, you will want to make sure it was added to your cPanel properly. If it is your primary domain, you will want to make sure that the domain name is pointed to our name servers. If it is your primary domain name and it is pointed properly, you will need to contact Live Support to have them take a look at why the domain's DNS is incorrect. Kindest Regards, Scott M