Can't write to PostgreSQL

  • Answered
I am installing a software call Rosario, which requires PostgreSQL.
It is confirmed that the database is connecting , and I am able to login using the default user profile.
However, whenever I try to add item (for example add a user) , I see the following error:
Failure Notice:
DB Execute Failed.
Additional Information: ERROR: permission denied for sequence student_enrollment_seq
I have discussed with Inmotion and they said they have granted all privileges. It turns out that PostgreSQL is depreciated on our shared server, and does not have full functionality.
When I read the installation guide, I m reminded to tell postmaster to accept TCP/IP connections. Also, the pg_hba.conf file may have to be altered to specify the server's TCP/IP address. I wonder if that is the problem.
Anyways to fix the database problem?
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about an issue writing to PostgreSQL. Your error mentions permission denied for a sequence, but when I looked in your Database no sequences exist at this time. It may be that the sequence needs to be created first before permissions to access can be granted. I also checked the minimum requirements for RosarioSIS ( PHP 5.3.2 & PostgreSQL 8) and your server meets these. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul