Missing Files After Removing Virus

  • Answered
I have a WordPress site which was found by Google to contain malware. I removed the malware and had Google check it. It passed but now there is nothing showing for the site. The site has a index.php file and the data appears to be ok. What could be preventing it from appearing. I also want to add that the billing account information for my site was mistakenly flagged as being expired because the expiration year read "20" instead of "2020". Could that be why it isn't showing? If so, how long until that is resolved now that the expiration has been corrected?
Hello valgreen, Thanks for submitting a question about missing files after removing virus. Sorry to hear you are having issues with your site after a virus attack. The 'Index Of' page appears when the actual index file is missing (index.htm, index.html, or index.php). That will need to be replaced on your site. If you are not seeing a list of folders or files, then it it likely means the entire site was moved to a quarantine. You will want to first reinstall WordPress to your site and then contact our Live Support team, who can help you move specific files over after reviewing to ensure they are not infected. The most common files to be attacked or infected are the core files, which will be new once you install a new instance. Kindest Regards, Scott M