vTiger blank page after login

  • Answered
After a fresh instalation of vtiger, i started to create users and customize fields etc. i had no problem testing users login, but sudenly this problem started to shows up. so I Installed a new copy and did all over again and again after a while to problem shows up and not with all users it seems random. if i give that user admin priviled i works as soon as its a regular user agan i have blank page after login.
I noticed that problem happens when DB is over 64MB in both instalations, Not sure it it has something to do with the problem.
You can see replicate the problem here

Thank you
Hello, Thank you for your contacting us about a blank page after logging in to vTiger. Since a blank page typically occurs when an error is being suppressed, I recommend Displaying and log errors for PHP. This should help produce a meaningful error, and provide clues into what is occurring. Then you can adjust your PHP settings as needed. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul