Getting Started Tutorials for Databases?

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Are there any beginners tutorials on how to access web-databases through web pages? I am currently teaching myself how to set up online databases and although I have figured out how to use the inMotion database tools, I can't find where the database file is saved. Is there a getting started tutorial on how to use the databases that I create in web pages?

To give a bit more information, I am trying to create a web page that will present the user with math problems to solve. When they complete the problem, I want the web page to store in the database the username, the problem that was given to them, and their answer. Then I want the web page to use information in the database to determine if the user is ready to move on to more difficult lessons or if they need to practice more on the current lesson.
Hello collin31, Thank you for your question on connecting and communicating with a database via a website. On our servers, this is likely going to be done with php. Php is the server side script that will talk to the database and perform the commands for you. It can then take the data and then process it however you like, whether it will simply display or change it. We do have an article that may help you. It is about connecting your site to the database using php. It is a great place to start as without connecting to the database, nothing else can be done. We do have plans on expanding our MySQL articles into its own category, but for now, they are mostly part of other existing categories. Be sure to search for 'MySQL' in the support center for more articles. Feel free to ask more questions about it here if you cannot find what you are looking for. Kindest Regards, Scott M