All Pictures/media are blue questions marks.

  • Answered
I have a wordpress website that was recently quarantined and when i put it back up all my pictures show up as a blank image with a blue question mark even in my dashboard. If i upload new pictures they are fine but hoping i can recover my existing ones. Folders/Images set to 755 and 644
Thanks in advance for any help
Hello, Sorry to hear about your images showing up as question marks on your site. This usually means that the links to the images are now broken. If your site or part of it was quarantined, it is possible that the images were part of that and they are now no longer in the same place. You may want to check with Live Support to see if they can recover them for you, or you may want to re-upload any that you can and then reconnect them to the proper posts. Kindest Regards, Scott M