Cannot Make Edits to the Document Pages of Website

  • Answered
Hi Team,
Thank you for all the very useful videos so far. You guys rock!
I'm having difficulty making any edits to our webpage:
administrated from:

Oddly all images can be uploaded/ downloaded. Only the Word Doc pages do not appear at all on my laptop- Dell Inspiron- Windows 7 Home Premium. So i can't make any edits to the description of products or content of website.
Please help. I've tried googling, contacting our tech team, changing browsers, increasing Internet Security but they were all futile attempts.

Your help and time is very much appreciated.
Tim S.

Thanks for your question about your website/shopping cart and making edits. You will need to contact for assistance. This appears to be a closed e-commerce solution.

The developers there should be able to assist you with everything your need.


Tim S