Webhosting for Portuguese e-commerce site

  • Answered
I have been browsing the web looking for a new hosting for our small business wordpress e-commerce website.
I like your ssd servers, SSH access and you come highly recommended.
Speed is of great importance to us. so I'd like to know if you think if it's a good idea for a european company to host the website in america? Or do you have servers in europe?

Also: is it possible to create a static domain on your hosting for a faster loadtime?
And does the "Power" hosting plan include a fixed IP? That might be important for some payment options for the e-commerce site.

thanks for your reply,
Hello Marc, Thank you for your questions on our plans, IPs, and servers. We host websites from all over the world without issue. We have a datacenter on each coast of the US to help give the best speed possible. We do not, however, have any datacenters outside the US currently. It is certainly possible to create a static domain on the server to increase your loadtimes. The "Power" plan does not include an IP address as part of the package, but you can purchase a static IP for things like SSL for ecommerce. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact out Live Sales team via chat, email, or phone. They are even more well versed in the specifics of each plan and can answer technical questions as well. Kindest Regards, Scott M