i cant bulk upload my product !

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hi,from past 4 days ,i was trying to upload the excel sheet and do the bulk uploading ,but its always show the below error:
Uploaded spreadsheet file has validation errors!
See also 'System > Error Logs' for more details.
No server data has been changed.( x )

so after i click the "error log" then its showing :
2015-08-11 17:05:48 - Export/Import: Missing product_ids in worksheet 'Products'!
2015-08-11 17:05:48 - Export/Import: Missing product_ids in worksheet 'ProductOptionValues'!

i have checked my excel sheet many times and i couldn't found any error and there also dont have duplicate entries or wrong entries ! before i have never face this kind issue and i can upload smoothly every time ,i dont know what to do now !! Plz help me out !! Thank u!!!
Hello Leejunjie, We would not be able to perform this import for you however have you checked the link to the right? It goes over importing CSV files specifically into prestashop 1.5. Best Regards, TJ Edens

Are you trying to bulk import your products into a eCommerce software such as Prestashop or OpenCart? If so can you please let us know which one along with the current version you are using? Are you Excel columns setup exactly how they are in the database?

Best Regards,
TJ Edens