Sending GSM data to MySQL Server

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WoW! I've read a lot here and ALMOST found what I need.
I'm learning PHP and MySQL. I have a good grasp of both now, but would like to send GPS data from my GSM capable GSM device. I can program the device to send data to an IP and PORT.
Do I need to send the data directly to MySQL server's IP and PORT number or some sort of TCP/FTP port and have a PHP script to process the data (INSERT INTO) to pass it to the MySQL Server?
Thanks in advanced!! ~Great site!
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Hello Doyle,

Thank you for your question on sending data to your MYSQL server. If the device is sending the information by attaching to the database via some sort of connectivity manager (ODBC for instance) and submitting a query (INSERT statement) with the data, then the IP and port would work.

If it is otherwise sending the data and need a PHP process to create the INSERT statement, then you would need other method, such as FTP.

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Scott M